VPI Vibronord linear pneumatic vibrators

Our latest and constantly updated lineup of linear vibrators has now reached its best design ever combin-ing extremely low noise level to a compact and simple design.

Machined at the highest level of technology to ensure best-in-class longevity.

  • Compacting bulk materials
  • Filling aid
  • Mechanical processes excitations
  • Moving material on conveyors


roller pneumatic vibrator VVR

Our roller pneumatic vibrators series features five sizes of devices to accomodate all the possible requirements in the Industry. Precisely machined to achieve the highest longevity, effectiveness and sound efficiency.

Our extremely refined machining and assembly procedures, combined with top quality materials as bronze, deliver an extroardinary longevity.

  • Emptying of hoppers and chutes
  • Preventing adhesions in pipelines and silos
  • Transporting of fine powders
  • Compacting of plastic and concrete
  • Conveying


Our ball vibrators lineup features 8 devices able to deliver an economic but effective solution when generic vibration is required.

The particularly refined machining process allow our ball vibrators to last longer than average in the industry, providing a safe and constant vibration to the machine to which they are attached. Steel hardened tracks are machined to give the least friction surface to the sphere that rotates on them, delivering a low-noise vibration.

  • Emptying bunkers
  • Preventing adhesion in pipelines
  • Fine powders movement
  • Moving of generic goods


Our line of continuous impact vibrators is used to help empty silos, hoppers and containers in the agricultural, construction or foundry and molding sectors. These knockers are the ideal solution to prevent lumps, fouling or bridges and mouse holes. Their construction technology in cast iron and steel gives strength and longevity. They are suitable to work in outdoor or noisy environments

Continuous impact vibrators are composed of a cast iron and aluminum body, and a hardened steel piston. The repetition of shots excites any dust, residues or feed in tanks so that they become free from jams or lumps.
Our refined machining process ensure a long lasting industrial devices, used in a broad field of application, from food delivering to vision and industry 4.0 automation devices.

  • Food industry
  • Preventing adhesion in silos
  • Knocking material off
  • Exciting objects when different positioning or orientation is needed


Our Turbine pneumatic vibrators lineup includes twelve devices to match all the possible applications in the industry. These models are ideal when vibration needs to be applied to chutes, trasportation lines for grains or plastic pieces, or with dry granulated materials. In addition, turbine vibrators work with non- lubricated air which makes them the ideal choice in food industry application or when air with impurities cannot be discharged in the environment.

Turbine vibrators are composed by an aluminium body and high end roll bearings on the inside, providing a compact and long lasting solution to apply vibration to the silo or flow line to which they are attached. Their application is suggested in indoor environments, for food industry, automation and packaging sector.

  • Food Industry
  • Preventing adhesion in pipelines
  • Fine powders movement
  • Smooth surfaces


Our lineup of Stainless Steel Turbine Vibrators made of AISI 316L has been developed to respond to the demand of the sectors where it is needded to move items in sterile environments or when machineries are subject to frequent washings and cleanings.

The lineup is composed by four models to address the requirment of different size of machinery and material to move. From few grams to hundreds of kgs. They work extremely quietly and with dry air.

  • Food Industry – Pharmaceutical – Automation
  • Prevention of adhesion to walls and surfaces
  • Fine powders, pills and discrete items movement
  • Compacting of grains and powders

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