Our turbine pneumatic vibrators lineup features twelve devices to match all the possible applica-tions in the industry. This lineup is ideal when at the same pressure, high frequencies are required. In addition, turbine vibrators do not require lubricated air when functioning, which makes them the ideal choice in food industry application or when air with impurities cannot be discharged in the ambient.

  • High frequencies
  • Durability
  • Low Noise


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The particularly refined machining process allow our turbine vibrators to last longer than average in the industry, providing a safe and constant vibration to the machine to which they are attached.

The high speed ball bearings inside allow to reach high frequencies.

Lubricated and filtered (≤5μm) air is required
Operating pressure : from 2 to 6 Bar
Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to 100 °Cwe


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