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Scopri di più sui nostri vibratori pneumatici e sulle sue applicazioni

The pneumatic vibrator is used to facilitate and facilitate the descent of materials or objects of any type on the surfaces.

By their nature, dust, sand or grains tend to stick to the surfaces of tanks, hoppers or industrial chutes and need a stress to facilitate the descent.

The pneumatic vibrator and the impact strikers allow to detach the material glued to the walls or to prevent the so-called “mouse holes” making the leakage of material extremely faster and without the aid of mechanical action by the operator.

The pneumatic vibrator acts as a flow optimizer going to limit design errors or the natural inclination of some wet materials to form lumps and obstructions, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the machinery.

The vibrators of the VVS- VVT and VVR series develop a planar vibration, the vibrators of the VPI series instead develop a unidirectional vibration, finally the vibrators VPB are continuous impact strikers that replicate the function of hammer.

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For the pharmaceutical sector, the VVT series of pneumatic turbine vibrators in inert stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) are indicated

For the food industry, the VVT series of pneumatic turbine vibrators in inert stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) are indicated. They act as fluidization of food and feed in silos.

For the construction sector, the VVR and VPB series of pneumatic vibrators are indicated, ideal for the elimination of concrete and inert air bubbles in formwork.

Our research and development has allowed us to create vibrators that can be used without lubrication, thanks to nanotechnological coatings on sliding surfaces that allow the use without lubricated air.

Our pneumatic vibrators, of all series VPI, VVR, VVS, VPB and VVT, are able to operate for many hours without the need for maintenance

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We are present in over 70 countries in the world to which we also ship small quantities of product daily.

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The VPI line of linear pneumatic vibrators are suitable for tanks, silos, hoppers, pipes, compaction and mechanical process starting.

They are designed to perform with hygroscopic and granular powders, such as: some aggregate feed, some plastics and food products.

Suitable in dusty environments, very quiet and works with low air consumption.

The VVR line of pneumatic roller vibrators are suitable for silos, hoppers, chutes, pipes, concrete compaction, adhesion prevention.

They are designed to perform with hygroscopic powders.

Robust, oxidation resistant, long-lived, high frequency vibration.

The line of pneumatic ball vibrators VVS are suitable for silos, hoppers, pipes, slides, filters, compaction, sieves.

They are designed to perform with dry or granular powders, such as plastic, sand, ash, cement and lime.

Its strength consists in being an economic product, but at the same time resistant to oxidation and effective.

The VPB line of pneumatic impact vibrators are suitable for pipes, tippers, freight wagons, spreaders, sturamento.

They are designed to perform with hygroscopic and wet powders, such as: concrete, sand, foundry earth, sludge. flours, wet sand, salt, some feed, clays and pigments.

is a robust product, with the possibility of silencing the impacting piston.

The VVT line of pneumatic turbine vibrators are suitable for silos, hoppers, pipes, slides.

They are designed to perform in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

is a high frequency and longevity silent product.

Our research and development has allowed to create this line usable without lubrication thanks to new technologies.

We take care of the entire production process of our pneumatic vibrators at our plants in Italy. The quality of our products is our main goal